Design and Integration Engineering Services

Systems and Software Engineering encompassing architecture, component, and system design, development, and integration utilizing only the highest quality, up to date and most flexible technologies and architectures available to the software industry such as three-tiered and n-tiered object-oriented (OO) software architectures which provide for significant flexibility, leading to solutions that will operate for more than a decade.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Operational and Acquisition logistics with the goal of creating systems that last longer and require minimal support, reducing lifecycle costs and increasing the overall customer ROI. Badger Defense Group believes in addressing aspects of supportability, not only during the acquisition phase, but also throughout the operational life cycle of the system thereby significantly increasing efficiency, reliability, availability, maintainability and testability, and System Safety.

Instructional Systems Support

Badger Defense Group provides life-cycle instructional systems support for simulator and training systems, including development of Training Task Analysis, Human Performance Integration, Verification, Validation & Accreditation (VV&A), New Equipment Training (NET), Manpower Personnel & Training Plans (MPTP) Training Task Analysis and Training Effectiveness Evaluations. Additionally, our ISS team is experienced in conducting testing of simulator and training systems to determine their applicability and effectiveness with respect to supporting the War Fighter.

Project Management Support

Flexible, all-inclusive Program Management capabilities to include Integrated Process Team Management, Earned Value Management, Documentation and Data Management, Requirements Management, Configuration Management, and Risk Management and Mitigation. Most importantly, Badger Defense Group believes Program Management is more than just ensuring a successful program. Badger Defense Group’s primary responsibility during contract execution is ensuring complete customer satisfaction, not only with the solution provided, but the manner in which the solution was achieved. Therefore, Badger Defense Group has aligned itself into modestly sized divisions to foster an environment of close interaction with our customers. This close relationship yields comprehensive and prompt responses to development inquiries, product and solution enhancements, and support requests ensuring an extremely satisfied customer.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Engineering Services (QA/QC)

Badger Defense Group, Inc. takes solution quality extremely seriously and strives to ensure all solutions provided meet the highest standards. The QA/QC discipline includes Human Factors, Test and Evaluation, Integrated Digital Environment Management, and Knowledge Management/Engineering to refine our internal strategies and practices, used by our organization to identify, create, represent, distribute, and provide accurate insights and experiences. These insights and experiences further enhance our embedded corporate values and organizational processes or practice, through the creation of lessons learned.

Administrative and Documentation Services

Badger Defense provides well-trained and highly qualified administrative support specialists to perform a variety of administrative and clerical duties necessary for the execution of efficient daily operations.  Our support specialists serve as information and communication gateways; main hubs for scheduling, planning, tracking and organizing meetings; primary links for dissemination of information through current and emerging communications technologies.  Data retrieval and archiving, documentation creation and archival through various mediums.